Upshift Consulting makes small and medium business run more efficiently and maximises their value through effective and creative use of technology and business strategy services.

Founded and operated by Shane Rogers, Upshift Consulting's mission is to unlock the potential of small and medium sized businesses and their departments by assisting them develop more efficient and effective solutions.

"Why help only one business when you can help many?" was the question that eventually led Shane Rogers to setup Upshift Consulting in early 2012.

After unlocking potential in a variety of technology and process departments in medium sized businesses ranging from motor racing to tourism and everything in between, a decision was made to start using the experience gained to offer that insight to organisations as his primary mission.

With over 15 years experience in Information Technology, degree qualifications in Computing and Accounting, combined with an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude. Shane is in a unique position to offer insights and tools to Upshift your business to a higher gear.

Shane operates Upshift Consulting in conjunction with his other business that provides specialist services to the motor sport industry.