Upshift Consulting provides regulatory, administration, communications and technology solutions for motor sport organisations.

With experience in judicial system, rule development and administration, track safety, digital media and information technology in motor sport, Upshift Consulting can develop solutions that make the administration of your motor sport operation more efficient and effective.

Some of the services we offer are listed below:

Judicial System and Regulation Development

A well constructed judicial system will save time and effort from all stakeholders in the sport, preventing the time consuming dilemma of motor sport judicial hearings arising from badly constructed regulations.

  • Regulation development for Championships/Series
  • Liaison with ASNs/Governing Bodies
  • Advice on current standards and practices

Motor Sport Technology Solutions

With experience in developing IT solutions for motor sport organisations, Upshift can make your IT operations more effective and reduce overall IT costs by better aligning IT service delivery to the needs of your organisation.

  • Licensing and administration solutions
  • Transactional websites and Databases
  • Vendor Selection
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Digital and Social Media Projects

Motor Sport Strategic Solutions

Working in the motor sports realm for the first time? Need a subject matter expert, or somebody with expertise to help woo a client or act as an interface to help a motor sport project run smoothly?

  • Motor Sport Subject Matter Advice
  • Proposal Development
  • Project Liaison and Management
  • Public Relations and Social Media